Training Records - assembly line staff

There are hundreds of assemblies but only 1/2 of a QA person? Sounds like this is probably a company culture issue.

I've never worked anywhere that a change could be made half way through a batch, with one half being to an old revision and the other to the new. or are you suggesting closing off the original batch and starting the new at that time? Essentially an "implement immediately" disposition.

This works if the batch can remain homogeneous through the rev switch. History record will have both old and new revisions included and non-applicable sections of the old and new revisions lined out with explanation.

Additional notes: The lack of QA department indicates to me that these are low risk devices. If so, I have the following suggestions
-Allow changes without requiring training. Change order will indicate training is not required. I think someone else mentioned this too.
-Do not have training records or training matrices. Just have training records incorporated into the history record itself.
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