Training Responsibility in QS-9000



Trainig Responsibility

Could somebody tell me Who needs to carry out Training in QS900 System?
Or Who must to be the Responsibility Area to have records and coordination of that.
I know that is repsonsibility from whole Company to comply but there must be a specific department or area to carry out?

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I believe that there is no requirement here - just that the company determines what is needed in the way of training (competence) an documenting that those needs are met.

In practice, there are often more than one department involved. For instance, H.R may do the orientation training, Safety does safety training, and then each department does the task-specific stuff. Often, each maintains records for their training area, although a computerized, networked system can be a real elegant way to do it.

What are you doing now? If it is sufficient, just document it. If not, then use it as a starting place.

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no requirement as to what dept is responsible. training is based upon need and conducted by a specific dept for a specific purpose. this in conjunction with a company wide guideline, with hr being the hub for objective evidence relating to record and materials has worked very well. a computerized system as mentioned below is a fantastic way to streamline and condense records and paper. good luck.


I was brought on as a trainer for our entire company. I am under HR. I keep track of all training that is accomplished and develop training programs. We have three divisions in our company. Only one division has a dedicated trainer for their plant. He and I work closely together, however he does not report to me. He actually reports to the plant manager.

Through the managers and supervisors we determine what training is needed. This is done a number of ways: Suprevisor/Manager input, Quality issues, and the perverbal - Performance Apprasial. (NO, I'm not going back on that subject!!)

Some of the sessions are presented by the "company experts" with train-the-trainer input from me sometimes. Or we bring in people. It just depends on the training.

We are also using a digital video and camera to develop visual instructions and new associate training CDs.

It's a lot of fun!!:D

PS. I also gather the data to get money from the state for some of our training programs. HR is now a profit center and Finance likes us. :thedeal: Well, just a little bit. :vfunny:


QS Orientation training

Does anyone have examples of QS Orientation training that I can benchmark?:cool:

Al Dyer

QS Training

As long as you have someone with a training program intact:

1: define training needs (whoever, usually the MR)
2: Get Manageement buy-in for the ongoing cost.
3: Work with department managers to schedule appropriately to not overly disrupt production.
4: Keep all sessions to 1 hour max, after that the mind wanders.
5: You need a proficiency test of some type to ensure that there is a baseline for future improvement.

Always remember to include the purpose and cost effectiveness of continuous improvement, even in the training process.
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