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Training Timeliness

I work in Medical Device Quality Systems and identified the need to review timeliness of training. Some of our QMS procedures have due dates of 60 or 90 days past release date, but decisions on this timing does not seem to be consistent or relative to risk. What are some good resources I can use to make the case to adjust these due dates. Relevant documents are released and updated for users, but training is not required for up to 90 days, which I believe is too long.


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Super Moderator
Who determines the risk in delayed training? What are the criteria provided to these people in order to help them ascertain risk? There are also priorities within identified risks?

In some situations, it may also add more value to do a larger training session on multiple topics than to have shorter, multiple sessions.

Have any adverse situations occurred as a result of the delayed training?
There is no one person who determines training due date. It seems arbitrary, with little to no guidance given. All of the training in question are just a read and understand. No adverse situations have been identified with regard to the delay.

Thanks for the thought process. This helps a little.
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