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Training Tool in Excel Attached


Sushil Kumar

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year to All:applause:

I am enclosing the training tool in excel, you can use single information in multiple forms. This sheet will reduce your extra work.
I am uploading this sheet here as this is my own creature & second "Knowledge Sharing is Knowledge Gain" :agree1:

If you have any query, you can send me a mail. I will respond.



Gert Sorensen

Forum Moderator
Re: Training Tool in Excel

Thanks for sharing! At a quick glance it looks very nice, but more instructions on the use of the matrix would make even more interesting.
Hello Sushil,

Any chance you could email me an unprotected file so I can adapt it to my company's departments?
I would really appreciate that.
Thank you!


Thank you for posting this great tool! I was thinking that it might be good to add a printable report of the individual employee's training that could be signed by the trainer and stored in the training files to serve as the record of training for audit purposes. Either for each training incident per employee or a date-range report that could be run periodically.

Can you post or email me the workbook structure password so that a new sheet can be added?


Thank you so much Sushil! I figured out another way I could make the workbook work - using the date filter on the History Card sheet one could printout a date range of training and have the employee and supervisor sign for each, thereby becoming the training record to file.
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