Tribute to Marc Smith

Jim Wynne

Very sad news. Marc and I butted heads a few times in the past, but there were no lasting effects for either of us. Although we never "met" as such, I did cross paths with him a few times in the early 2000s when I was working for Harley-Davidson and he was working as a consultant for a Harley supplier. I knew nothing of the Cove at the time. I've always admired his tenacity in keeping the Cove afloat through some difficult times. It took a lot of work on his part and a lot of people have been helped as a result. It's quite a legacy that he's left us.


...reading it now, I am sad and can't believe this. He was so clear, sharp and alert and we have seen him overcome many adversities.
Rest in Peace Mark. You will be always remembered for what you have done to bring this forum to its present status. You have given us a platform to learn and share knowledge with pride and purpose .... PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE
We will miss you but you are present for ever here and in out hearts... God Bless


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*I visited the cove since February 2008 till present ,​

*The candles ; inspiration of Marc messages will still exist in this forum ; continuing generating the enthusiasm &hope in all students like me.​

*We are gratefully for your ;will never say goodbye for the pioneer , condolences to all lovers also,​

*Rest in peace with angels , hoping the bless of your message still light this cove .


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It is a rare soul, indeed, who inherently understands and advocates for the people within a QMS. He appreciated the "shalls" and the technical requirements, yet, for Marc, it was always about the people. Even here in the Cove, his heart often led his guidance and actions. "People helping people" was more than just a motto for Marc - it was at the core of his very being.

We may not be together to celebrate his life, so, in lieu of raising a glass....a quick bump.
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