Tritator DL-50 Mettler Toledo - Problems finding a Supplier to Calibrate the Tritator


Montserrat P

I will appreciate a lot if somebody know who can calibrate a Tritator DL-50 Mettler Toledo. We have solicited the calibration to Mettler-Toledo however, we have had problems to obtained a calibration of the supplier with the certificated of calibration attached to it.
They only can offer us a maintenance of the equipment, but we need that they calibrate this equipment.
We did have a finding in a last audit because this equipment did not count own with the calibration.
Do anyone know a good house of calibration that could do this work and give us a certificate of calibration?
I will appreciate a lot any kind of help, because is so urgent for us to fix it inmediatly
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Jerry Eldred

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I am not an expert in this area. I did, however speak with my dimensional expert. He said one of the reasons manufacturers of scales will not provide you with a certificate of calibration is due to the difference in gravitational force at different locations. Therefore they can not perform a legitimate calibration of more high accuracy instruments that measure weight/mass.

He did say that perhaps there may be weights you could purchase and have certified to use to check the instrment yourself.

The other suggestion is that you actually speak with Mettler Toledo customer service on the telephone, and ask for information about what it takes to properly calibrate it. Once you know that, you can either choose to calibrate yourself, or find a local laboratory who can come to your site to calibrate it.


Montserrat P

Thanks again, the equipment is not a scale. This equipment is used to do an automatic tritation. The Calibration Supervisor have called to Mettler Toledo (US and Mex) without count on with a good response to it.

Anyway, I will solicit him that call to the Customer Service Department directly.

Dan Larsen

I'm not an expert on this, but I've been involved in a fair amount of titration efforts (plating QA, but well before the onslaught of ISO and QS)...maybe you could self calibrate using a traceable container. Count the number of drops to fill the container to a known amount. Calculate the amount per drop, or simply self certify the calibration as (x drops equals y ml).
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