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Drew H

Question: the North American Truck Industry Part Submission Warrant has a box in the Requested Submission Level section. The box has numbers 1 through 19, with number 1 already circled. There is no explanation that I can see as to the purpose of this box. Am I correct in assuming it indicates the current PPAP submission number for that particular part (i.e. first submission, circle number 1; second submission for the same part, perhaps due to a process change, circle number 2; third submission for the same part, perhaps due to an ECO, circle number 3; etc.)? Or is it for something entirely different?
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I haven't seen a North American Truck Industry Part Submission Warrant so I can't help. What's in the box?

Laura, have you done trucks? Any info?


Are the numbers 1 - 19 standing after the Level 4?

Then I know the answer:
It gives maximum 19 documents which could be send to the customer for approval. If you indicate the Level 4 as submission level, you can definate by yourself what documents, results, master, you will send to your customer for the PPAP. Number one is circled because the Part Submission Warrant itselve is the document number one which you always send to your customer if you fill out this paper. If you read the PPAP, 3rd edition, you will find a definition of all documents, results and masters. On page 16 you will find a table of the submission levels and there you find the documents, results, masters named and numbered from 1 to 19.

I hope this gives you a bit of help.



Laura M

Nope - haven't done trucks,
but agree with the interpretation - that the warrant is always required, and that the documents 1-19 listed on page 16 - as determined by the customer. Makes sense to me. I would start with the customer - they ought to help.

Then let us know :)

Drew H

Truth is - the customer does not know the answer either. However, the numbers are beside the Level 4 indicator. It probably makes some sense that it refers back to Table I.4.1, although it might make more sense if number 13 was circled instead of number 1 (i.e. number 13 is the PSW, while number 1 is Design Records in the Table).

Paul Mc

Yes Drew I totally agree with your last comment.
I've also taken this concept a little further and created a PPAP Matrix ie the 1-19 requirements by Product type as in liasion with our suppliers we can see that not all requirenments fall into the "traditional" level 1-5 requirements.
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