TS 16949 - 6.3 Infrastructure and 6.4 Work Environment



6 Resource Management

I am developing:

* 6.3 Infrastructure
* 6.4 Work Environment
in the company I am working for but I found this:

6.3 "The organization shall determine, provide and maintain the infrastructure needed to achieve conformity to product
requirements. Infrastructure includes, as applicable
a) buildings, workspace and associated utilities,
b) process equipment (both hardware and software), and
c) supporting services (such as transport or communication)."

How do I know if the infrastructure is ok to achieve conformity with product requirements?
Then I said to myself, if the company complies with OSHA I think it will be ok, but I asked people in my company about OSHA and no one knows. So what happens if the company doesn't comply with some of OSHA's regulations? Does ISO/TS require compliance with OSHA?

6.4 "The organization shall determine and manage the work environment needed to achieve conformity to product

How do I know if the plant is clean enough to meet ISO/TS requirements and satisfy the auditor?
We are making parts for trucks, so it is not very clean because they are working with grease and other dirty things. Do I need to follow common sense or is there a guideline I can see for different environments. If my company was making sterilized products, the cleanliness would be very important.
I am confused by these requeriments

Any suggestion?

Rosana :frust:

Roger Eastin

In one of the other threads in this forum, there was a good discussion on what the requirements of 6.4 mean (or it might have been in the ISO9001 forum). I suggest you look at that discussion. Regarding 6.3, this has such areas as equipment (or software) maintenance, determining what buildings and grounds area necessary for your operation (I.E. studies, etc), and any service requirements (transportation: for instance, forklifts). You determine what is needed for establish and maintain product conformity



6.3: "...conformity to product requirements"
6.4: "...conformity to product requirements"

The issue is whether your facilities and work environment deter from, or enhance your abilities to manufacture acceptable product.


Is your organization producing products that conform to the requirements? if yes. then you meet the requirements of 6.3 & 6.4. Can it be improved ? If yes, take the necessary action. (PDCA)
These two paragraphs do not require procedures for implementation. What is required is that they be addressed in your process mapping.


What is required is that they be addressed in your process mapping.
If not in your process mapping, then definitely in your process and product planning.
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