TS 16949 Clause 7.2.1 - Note 2 - Recycling program - Clarification




I am new to the Ops team and I need clarification on Note 2 of 7.2.1:

" This requirement includes recycling, environmental impact and characteristics identified as as result of the organization's knowledge of the product and manufacturing processes "

I have been tasked with stewarding our recycling program and I am not exactly sure what I need to do to meet its requirements with regards to recycling.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Hi FuelBumps
From what I know, this clause (7.2.1) concerns the product definition, and the note concerns the end life of your product.
In our company, we include in the selling contract a clause stating that we are a recycler for some of our products, and for the products where this can not be applied, we just state the right way to dispose of our product (Do not throw in dumpster, use the appropriate recycling way in accordance to the regulation in your coutry, ect...)
May be other covers will have more to say


Hi Amine,

Thanks for the reply.

after thinking this through a bit more I think it has to do with our customer's requirements with regards to our environmental programs and/or certifications (ISO 14001). I seem to recall AIAG asks of us to document our recycling in required sustainability reporting. We are in the automotive industry, for what it's worth.

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