TS 16949 Clause Promotion of supplier monitoring - What is meant by promote?

#1 "The organization shall promote supplier monitoring of the performance of their manufacturing processes."

1. What do they mean by promote?
2. Is "their processes" the supplier's processes or the organization's processes?

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Businesses that provide goods or services to your company, should be encouraged by your company to observe their own process performance. The question is what would be evidence of promoting the monitoring of their own processes?
I use supplier quality audits (actually the summary report) as evidence:evidence: that our company promotes the supplier's self monitoring. It passes the test, at least with our registrar. :D
This is all well and good for me but my GM and I seem to have a difference of opinion, he is the one currently doing the supplier monitoring. I would love to do on-site supplier audits but there are times when we do not have the resources available to be able to do so.

My GM believes that since our automotive suppliers are at least ISO certified this means that they are monitoring their processes and to remedy the "promotion" of self-monitoring he is going to add the statement below to our Semi-Annual Supplier Performance Rating Report . "Due to the importance of the product, which we purchase from you, we are promoting the self monitoring of your performance of your manufacturing processes and the development of a Quality Management System with the goal of conformity to ISO 9001:2000. This is a requirement of our pending ISO/TS 16949 registration, suppliers must be registered to ISO 9001:2000 within three years of our registration date with the goal to become registered to ISO/TS 16949. We strongly urge you to begin this process as soon as possible and if we can be of assistance please contact us."

In my opinion this is a cop-out. Any input?


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Not actually a cop out. The suppliers are being given Customer Specific Requirements by your top management, and an expectation of compliance.
However, until your suppliers are certificed or declare compliance, you could think about a trigger in your supplier monitoring process which would cause you to do an on site audit due to performanve issues. Also, do you require PSW/PPAP submissions from your suppliers for approval before shippong mass production parts? Just some thoughts for evaluating.
We are currently a tier 2 supplier and have no formal purchase order terms and conditions and few customer specific requirements - any that we do have are part specific. We are an injection molder so our main suppliers supply us with general plastic resins. Our customer specific requirements are mainly for items needed for parts that we assemble after molding (tape, inserts, etc.). We are just starting to request PPAP submissions from our automotive suppliers but it's hard to get cooperation.

If my GM's attempt to satisfy this clause is sufficient I can just leave it at that and state that we are requesting PPAP's from our automotive suppliers and any time our supplier ratings go below a certain percentage we perform an on-site audit. Do you think that will cover it?


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I think that should work. You may want to contact them to send you their timeline plan to attain certification and make a matrix to use for followup
As long as you have supplier monitoring, we do tracking of quality and delivery on a monthly basis, then chart each supplier. Are your resin suppliers certified to ISO or TS?


We have specific items we do with suppliers during the initial evaluation. Since on site audits are pretty difficult to do, we have them a self survey. We sent them quarterly performance reports that cover on time delivery, quality, service/communications and CONC due to poor quality, missed delivery dates, etc.

We have a minimum score they must maintain-when they fall below that score, we issue a SCAR. This may also trigger the on site audit.

I am not sure that I am in favor of self audits, but along with their certifications and performance, our problems have been minimal with supplier "cross my fingers....knock on wood" ;)

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