TS 16949 Clause 8.5 - Responsibilities - I need some help


Greg Maggard


Okay guys and Gals,
I am reviewing TS 8.5 I am raising several questions. The biggest is the responsibility side. Now the plant is a Japanese managed environment. This should make no difference, but it does.
The plant stance is one person in charge, one idea. This means Ideas from the floor are styfulled. I am tring to get more involvement in the systems development here. I want to creat a team work effort, from the janitor to the plant manager! I would like to make the responsibility for the Departmental Managers. Actually that is how I wrote it in the draft. Should this be a problem? I don't think so.
You never know how things are recieved. When you tell some one that their systems are not working as the tendency for managers is territorial. You might as well have said that their baby is UGLY!!!! hehehehe:biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :bonk:

How can you be politically correct or at least civil here.:ca:


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How about listing responsibilities (what they are expected to do) and then list authority (what they are allowed to do ) and close the gap!!! Good Luck

Greg Maggard

thanks for the input. I do have job descriptions with certain responsibilities listed. Now the nuts and bolts of what is to be done I think are the Managers Responsibility to which I have Job descriptions as well. Like you stated close the Gap. I just don't want to be the one that does it 100% on my own and everyone just watches from the side lines.


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So ideally you want people to say what they do and what their responsibilities are and what their authorities are, rather than your having to interview, investigate, and in some cases guess?
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