TS-16949 Desk Audit


Al Dyer

I have a TS-16949 desk audit (checksheet) that we developed to ensure that all clauses of TS-16949 are documented in the appropriate level of documentation.

I would like to submit it to anyone in the forum to get some feedback and ensure that all applicable situations are covered.

I hope it will help forum members as well as verify that we are using a document that is suitable and effective.

This is a MS Word 2000 document so it can also be used to search for specific words and phrases.

Thanks in advance!

see: TS-16949_matrix.doc in FTP Section


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Al Dyer
Mngt. Rep.
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Steven Truchon

I'd love to take a look. Lately I've been looking closely at this very situation, so your timing is perfect :)
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Jim Biz

Me too .. my company is investigating general aspects of upgrade to Qs - but it is my position that "as long as were looking at upgrade" TS should be the target standard.

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Would appreciate a "look-see" for comparisons

richard b. thomas

Please forward me a copy of the TS16949 Desk Audit. My organization is looking at TS16949 and your assistance would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

Rick Goodson


Happy Holidays! I would also like a copy please. Thanks.
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