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wcsf - 2008

I would like to get clearer picture and comment from the forum here for this issue. In fact I participated in this subject on previous thread.

Recently I got a feedback from a certificatoin body who has just attended the TS 16949 Lead Auditor training. One of the information I don't agree is that, the company Internal Auditor must be trained by IAOB recognized course (the course must be run by IAOB recognized training provider).

As this is the second CB giving me this inofrmtion, I would like to get clarification from this forum especially those who has gone through the similar training.

Further analysis revealed that both the CB were trained by the same training provider.


M Greenaway

To my mind that is totally wrong because it is not explicitly stated in TS16949.

If you dont train your auditors this way what clause of TS16949 will you be in contravention of ?


I attended the AIAG TS16949 Rollout Workshop (the guys that wrote TS16949:2002) and asked that question. I was told that there are no specific training requirements for internal auditors. Of course, they do have to show knowledge of TS.

We attended an internal auditor seminar to upgrade from QS to TS16949. That will be our evidence of knowledge.

Also, it is not necessary for one of the internal auditors to have lead auditor certification.

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Definatately, Internal auditors must have knowledge but it is not all requirement that they should have attainded Lead Auditor Course. Any Good awareness program and program on auditor skill would be sufficient.

wcsf - 2008

I think some of you could have got me wrong. I am totally agree that the internal auditor shall be trained to audit the TS 16949, which include auditing skill and understanding the requirements.

However I totally do not agree that the IA shall gone through IAOB sanctioned course or lead auditor course. I do not think this is the requirment anyway. If we carefully look at the requirement, it refers to, which means we shall define our own qualification requirments.

Bill Ryan - 2007

Sounds like a Sales Pitch to me. I agree with MGreenaway -what are you out of compliance with??

Wasn't "TS" supposed to get rid of, or lessen, the "abuses" of the certification process?

Sorry - my day went to h*** as soon as I walked in this morning. I think I'm done venting now???

Happy weekend to all (we had a snowfall yesterday! I guess "it's upon us".

Don Wood - 2011

IA Training Reqs

Well, I've GOT to put in a plug for myself and my employers - the AIAG/Plexus internal auditor training is really good - we teach IA's the same auditing techniques we teach the CB auditors. I think it's the best class they offer. A lot of the training material is identical from one course to the other. Bringing the training in-house is even better, especially for larger organizations - all your IAs can hear the same message for a fraction of what it would cost to send them all to open-enrollment classes.

But it's not a requirement. Per TS2, organizations can define their own requirements. Keep an eye on your customer-specific requirements, though - GM and Daimler-Chrysler recently posted theirs (www.IAOB.org has links). Both of those companies require that your IA training requirements follow the guidelines in ISO 10011. Wish I could tell you more, but I don't have a copy of 10011 in my library - I've been waiting for 19011 to come out before I spend the money.
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Mr. Don Wood,

I have draft standard of ISO 19011 which is freely available on many places (I belive even on this Fourm). If you require I can send it to you.


Manoj Mathur


I believe that this is a Ford requirement but I have not seen the official document.


Ford: Trained by an authorized ISO/TS 16949:2000 trainer or five audits in a 24 month period under the supervision of a qualified TS2 auditor;

DCX: No requirement;

GM: Internal auditors should be qualified as recommended in ISO-10011 Part 2 as a minimum.

See customer requirements on the IAOB website.
I have not checked the european automotive customer requirements. They are probably similar.
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