TS 16949 Pre-Assessment by Registrar or Not? Really worthwhile?



Pre-Assess or Not?

We are leaning toward NOT doing a "pre-assessment" with our registrar, based on a previously STRONG QS program, ample prep time and an AMAZING QS/TS person (humble, too!). Anyway, what are you folks doing - pre-assess or not? If you DID pre-assess, did you feel like it was really worthwhile? If you DIDN'T, did you regret it?

Craig H.


We are not QS (ISO 9001), but my approach was, Forgo the pre-cert. If we are not ready, we'll still have our previous cert. If we are ready, wouldn' t we feel kinda dumb (and a little poorer) if an audit does not net the cert.? Of course, you may be running into a deadline, so that may change things a bit.

Hope this helps.



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To my consulting clients I always recommend that they have their consultant do a pre-assessment. :vfunny:

Seriously though, most of my consulting clients are starting with no formal system. In most cases I feel that they really need a good fair assessment of their readiness, not to mention a "practice audit." If you already have a strong QMS, you (and your internal auditors) have a good understanding of TS2, and your internal audits have been conducted thoroughly there should be no need to do a 3rd-party pre-assessment.


I also recommend a pre-assessment. This way the auditor and the auditee get a chance to understand each other. It is extremely important in the case of a fresh registration. In the case of upgrades, the decision would be based on past experience and of course the strengths of the Management Rep. And knowing Steel, she'll be writing CARs to the auditor! ;)

Teri - 2011

Go for the preassessment!!!!

I strongly recommend it!!

We also had a very strong QS system, however our preassessment was very eye opening and worth the money!!

Aaron Lupo

Just a thought, go with the pre-assessment if you are not sure. However, check with your Registrar you they may give you the option of doing a pre-assessment and if eveything goes ok it turns into your Assessment audit.

Randy Stewart

What we were able to do with QS all those years ago was, start as a Pre-assessment and if it looked good roll into the actual audit. Discussion needs to be done up front because of man-days requirements.
For TS/9K2K we just went for it. Mainly due to the same reasons you mentioned. Especially the
AMAZING QS/TS person (humble, too!)
! :thedeal:


DB, I'm a little scared that you know me that well! LOL!! Of COURSE I'd write the auditor a CAR!!

Brian Greydanus


TS-16949 allows only 1 pre-assessment.
I always liked a pre-assessment to fine tune my systems and catch anything I missed prior to a certification audit.
The Boss is always impressed when you pass the initial certification audit.

Brian Greydanus
Quality Manager
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