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TS 16949 Quality Manual Templates - Lots of free examples and great discussion!


Laura M

I'm about 80% complete with one. Actually, I modified an ISO 9000:2000 that I picked up here. Do a search on Quality manual for ISO9000:2000 and add the extra requirements. Or when I'm done, I'll forward to Marc for the files directory.

Laura M,
Congrats on your progress. I'm just getting started.

Just a couple of questions:
- a quick review of the standard finds that there are only 6 documented procedures required. Have you found that you can limit the number of procedures?
- How has your manual changed from the QS, i.e., relative to the new process mapping requirements?
- Have you attended an AIAG TS auditing course? What are your comments on the course?
-Are you using the AIAG checklist and guidelines?
- Have you selected a certification body? What is your cost to upgrade?
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Laura M

I can't answer them all, but here's the ones I can.

We did not combine any procedures. But be careful TS adds a requirement for a training procedure. CA and PA could be combined, but ths client implemented a very simple PA system.

This manual is new for the client. I following the new numbering system and referenced procedures, which is the basic philosophy I used for QS.

I have been audited to ISO - Y2k, so I'm following the same process mapping - with the added requirements where they fit. I don't think some fit well in our processes where they are in the standard, so the procedure references in the QM handle that.

Nope - haven't attended an AIAG course. I going on the fact that I've been in this game for awhile, passed ISO Y2K upgrades, and TS is just extra requirements. I do plan to attend. I guess its on the list for the fall sometime.

This particular client is not upgrading - they are going for it out of the chute - so I can't comment on upgrade costs. But your registrar should provide a quote. They are using NSF-ISR.

Manoj Mathur

Quite Involved in Discussions

I also following the same route what u are following. We were certified an ISO 9001:2000 Company on 15th December 2001. From that day onwards we have started the journey towards ISO/TS 16949:2002. We have already done process maping as per 9K2K requirements. Regarding HR procedure, Ya Employee motivation and empowerment procedure we have added, Supplier Developement procedure is extra and we have made it and started working to implement. One more requirement is towards MSA, Control Plan, FMEA, APQP and PPAP. I don't think further more requirements are there over and above 9K2K.

Can you pls. explain as to what exactly you mean by 'process maping'. An example would be very much appreciated.



HELP!!! I'm just been given the task of transfering our QS9000 manual over to TS. While I'm doing this I've to slim down the manual. I would love someone to give me advice on how to do it!!!

Billie Giffin

We are in the process of going from QS to 16949. I am also using a 2000 manual and adding the TS additional requirements. I would also like a copy of your manual when you have finished. I would just like to see the approach/format someone else has used. I would also be willing to share my manual when completed.
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