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TS 16949 Quality Manual Templates - Lots of free examples and great discussion!


Dave Johnson

Hello Mary and Welcome!!

I'm in your boat, having had to revise our manual from QS to TS.

The most important thing is not to freak out!

Many of the requirements are the same as QS.

The biggest change IMHO, is the process approach.
Attached is a file I found very useful (that I found here on the Cove)

Keep brousing around, there are some VERY bright people here. Let us know about your problems and possible solutions. (I, for one, could use the help)

Dave Johnson


one more try to attach the file

Can't get it to work, sorry!!!

Mary, try a search for process mapping. It's a powerpoint file


Thank you Dave.

Is the ppt you are suggesting b_processes.ppt? Titled "Business systesm interactions"? I found that one and briefly looked through it. Otherwise, I shall continue to hunt!

Much gratitude!


isogirl - 2004

Hi tattva,

I just found this site today, was curious to see your diagram, so I paid the "donation". Let me just say that it was well worth it! Very impressive flow charting! I'm looking for some sort of direction in changing our QS over to TS and reading over the threads in the Cove has been very insightful. Also, your chart will probably serve as a template for my ideas for our system. Thanks!!


Thanks you Icy Mountain! And Tattva!

It occurs to me that I could do my manual in one page. What do you all think about this?

A written scope that says we will comply with all elements of TS (something a little more elaborate).

A process interaction chart like the one Tattva posted, which includes references to the required procedures.

We could hang it on the wall. Who says it has to be in a book?

Wouldn't that be enough? It seems to me that would satisfy 4.2.2. Someone please shoot holes in my theory before I take this to my team and humiliate myself!

I am totally against writing a manual that reiterates the standard. That is what our current QS quality manual does, and it is an utter waste of paper and time.


It appears to me that you have addressed the three items required by 4.2.2.
I see no reason why it should not work.
Go for it!
msoules said:
Wouldn't that be enough? It seems to me that would satisfy 4.2.2. Someone please shoot holes in my theory before I take this to my team and humiliate myself!
That's plenty! You will not be humilated, you will be hailed in the hallowed halls as a quality genius. :)
Seriously, you've met the standard, you're ready to roll. But with only one page where are you going to put your 4 color company logo, two page quality policy and all that other fancy stuff that the Marketing department wants?
When you are done, post it here, we all want to see!


Groovy! Thanks for your input. Oh, and we are WAY too small for a marketing department, but I am certain I can squeeze a few more colorful items on the page!

Please don't hold your breath waiting for me to post. It shall take a while to put the mapping together and all that jazz, but if this works out, I certainly will share! And I will keep looking for other feedback on my crazy idea (which was just a bunch of ideas I read here rolled into one).

Thanks to all!!

Mary :p
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