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TS 16949 Quality Manual Templates - Lots of free examples and great discussion!

You are correct sir!

Here's a flow chart of our overarching production process. Obviously, there are a lot of details missing because this covers 5 teams making 100s of different products. But that's the point, keep it short and simple (KISS). We have individual procedures for how to actually build and test each product and the detail and length of these vary by team and product.



William Battles

TS 16949 Quality Manual

:thanx: Thanks for your reply! The map is a good starting point. Piece by pieceI am putting it all together. I am definitely too wordy!


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TS16948 QManual

Hi Daman,
I would appreciate having a copy of your TS 16949 Quality Manual.
Thanks in advance Daman.
Wallace Tait


lday38 said:
I have completed the TS 16949:2002 manual, and the auditor found no issues
on the documenation audit. The on site audit is Jan 12th. In the interest of sharing, i have attached some procedures here.
IDAY38....Hello fellow Naugatuckian. Looking at the Preventive Action Procedure, I see things like Preventive Maintenance, SPC, etc..There are those who would consider those "Preventive Actions" listed, required by other clauses. Hey, not me. I like it. :vfunny: One potential Registrar Lead Auditor also classified N/C's for a particular product that was extended to cover other product as "Preventive". That didn't go over big here with some of the members, either. What did you do for "Continuous Improvement"? Was that part of the Manual? :agree:

William Battles

TS 16949 Quality Manual

:thanx: 1day38! I will review and get back. In process of putting mine together in parts. Good Luck on your Audit! Look forward to hearing how it went. Merry CHRISTmas, Happy New Year! WEB


Fellow Naugatarian

I can use copy and paste form my QM to let you know how I handled continuous imprvment.
" One of the major objectives of ITW Nutmeg is to foster continual improvement in all aspects of our business, with particular attention to customer satisfaction. Continuous improvement projects are identified though analysis of company and customer data reviewed at the management review meeting and corrective and preventive action on our product and processes. The responsible project manager uses the continuous improvement log to record the project, the goal, the status date, and outcome.
Everyone in the organization is encouraged to provide ideas for improving product, processes, and the working environment. Suggestions can be made to the appropriate management.
It goes on to par ...................
Use of methods specific to our customers such as risk analysis, statistical studies, and measurement system analysis
Analysis of measurements and actions directed at improving customer satisfaction such as improving delivery, improving response time to customer communications, decreasing scrap, improving manufacturing effectiveness and reducing parts per million to achieve zero defects"

very intersestign that you are form Naugatuck too, is your company getting registeted to TS? I would love to hear from you.

William Battles

TS 16949 Quality Manual

:bonk: Igoofed up ! I answered the wrong post 1day 38. Sorry! I am not a nogatuckian. I hail from michigan, will be more careful next time. Merry CHRISTmas, Happy New Year ! to you and all the COVE FAMILY!


Work Instruction Templates

Help... I have just been given the task of writing all work instructions for a manufactured product that has just come out of R&D. Does anyone have any templates that I can use?
Thanks SASS :bonk:

Laura M

I think if you look around the forums you may find what you are looking for. Several examples have been posted during the years. However, your request is odd. No other work instructions exist in your organization? Work instructions should take a format that suits your org, product, processes, etc. With this kind of open request, you'll have a hard time getting what you are looking for here without more detail.

Who, what, when (sequence) and how are the basics of any work instruction.
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