TS 16949 Revision to ISO 9000:2000 Alignment



true or false: the current japanese companies (1st or 2nd tier) are not certifed to any of the iso or qs standards? i.e. the toyotas, nissans, etc do not require (presently) any certification to iso / qs / ts 16949..?


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True, as far as I know.

I'm not really sure what the whole scoop on Honda and the rest are. I did some work for Lucas 2 years ago and Honda had their own set of requirements. There was no 'QS' or ISO requirement per se, but Honda's requirements reflected the basics of ISO9000/QS9000.

The bottom line as I currently understand it is each has their own systems including their own specific supplier requirements rather than QS-9000 or ISO 9000.

That said, from above:

-> The word on the street here is that Toyota has indicated
-> that they will embrace the new standard when it is
-> released as ISO-16949.

I have no idea if they are requireing, or will require, a 'passdown' of requirements to Tier 2's. The pacific rim in general has not been big in the ISO belief world but it is 'catching the fever'. ISO 9001 has 'won'.

As a sidebar, whether the 14001 document will ever catch on in the US is anyone's guess.
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