TS 16949 Status Report? List of CSR's? 3rd Rev. in October?


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Okay Sidney. I got it. I thought the same thing and called the IAOB. I left a message. I guess they call you back.

Applying this, we should tell posters to CALL the oversight body and not share if we can confirm or deny the question.

No wonder why the IAOB website is so uninformative. We are supposed to call the IAOB.


The IAOB and AIAG live in the same house. I guess you could talk to AIAG and see if they can find someone there....

I understand your frustration though. :yes:

We'll figure it out. (Any chance you can enlighten us about that Registrar?);)



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In case you want to contact IAOB:

Mike Brennan: mbrennan(at)iaob.org
Michelle Maxwell: mmaxwell(at)iaob.org
Phone: 248-799-3939 (follow instructions and leave message)



I have two calls in to the IAOB. I am plenty familair with the AIAG and the IAOB having spent 6 years in the auto industry in Michigan.

I also went to the SMMT website. This is the UK office of the IATF. I didn't see one piece of info related to CSR's. Maybe I surfed this website worng? I decided not to call them since a domestic call to the IAOB aught to get me the same infomation.

Contact : Rob Brown
2410 Regents Court
The Crescent
Birmingham Business Park
Birmingham B37 7YE
Tel : 44 121 717 6600
Fax : 44 121 717 6699
E-mail : [email protected]
Site : www.smmt.co.uk


Okay. I say we get back to discussing if tape measures need to be calibrated, if we can have 1 procedure for CA and PA, whether we can exclude 7.3, and how many pages are in our quality manuals.

An understood or defined list of CSR's really isn't important.

No call back from the IAOB.
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