TS 16969 8.2.3 Does Monitoring & Measurement of Processes include Support Functions?



8.2.3 M&M of processes

Dear Cove's friends,
when talking about process monitoring and measurement,
1. What kind of process need to be monitor? all COP processes OR including support processes?
2. How to monitor and measurement? Or just only select the process that have quality objective in place? Please give example of process and monitoring method.

I believe that we do process monitoring routinely, but I just want to set scope for my system about how much we need to do for process M&M?

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All processes are to be monitored and, where applicable measured;
Monitor - records, meeting minutes, notes etc.,
Measure - Is the measure is required by TS2? if so, measure it. If not, is there a measure beneficial to you if so measure it.

- Efficiency,
- Quality Performance,
- Cost,
- Lead time,
- Cpk,
- measuements against objectives


I would say "yes". All processes you identified are necessary and will benifit your company, so you shall know the efficiency and effectiveness of that process. Else, how to know wether it is working? and how to control it?

Manoj Mathur

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All the processes are to be monitored .
For QSMSO better understanding

Casting of Aluminum Alloy wheel is a process. I hope I/O have been identified . Now monitoring of this process is to be identified. It is not difficult to measure the monitoring of this process. Besides this CNC Machining as well Wet painting are the process which are to be monitored.

All the process are to be monitored.


Dear Manoj,

What about supporting processes such as Human Resources, IQA, Purchasing? How to apply process monitoring and measurement?


Manoj Mathur

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dear Qsmso,

here is your reply. I feel this shall satisfy your query. Incase you need any further information, pl. mail me.


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