TS Laboratory Testing Requirements.


David W

It is my understanding that under TS16949 external laboratories must be ISO/IEC 17025 certified. My company has started up a new plant out of state. I would like to perform 100% of the new plants testing in the current lab. I believe there is no need for duplicate testing facilities. Does anyone have experience with this? How can I perform testing without certification?


If the lab you are referring to is internal to your existing operation you could claim that it is also "internal" to your new facility since it is part of the same company. The physical location does not necessarially matter. If you are setting up a new lab in the new facility it does not need to be ISO 17025. Only external labs need this accreditation.


Ken K

Only external labs need this accreditation.

That is correct unless you supply to GM. There is a clause in the customer specifics that states that GM can require ISO accreditation for internal labs.

The interior systems division does require ISO and it is spreading to other divisions. GM issued two memo's to suppliers stating this. Without a scope of accreditation, GM will not accept test data from you.
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