TS or QS ??????



Does anybody know how it is going to be? There is a lot of talks around this issue, that TS will replace QS and the other standards. I for myself do not think so.
So many systems in so short time confuses everybody. What is the latest word on that issue????

Roger Eastin

...unless by "other" standards", you mean VDA6, AVSQ, etc. TS could replace those. It will depend on the automakers who require those standards presently.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Thanks, Roger, for ppinting those out. I was at a loss as to what the other standards might be when I looked at this this morning. Bad Marc.


Why the big fuss, TS will never replace QS coz, QS is not an International Standard, it is a Specific Qustomer requirement (Big3) internationally accepted and adopted. TS on the other hand, is an International standard registed by the International Organisation of Standardisaton (ISO) although it was not originated from them. That is why the standard was named ISO/TS 16949

Big 3 will still qualified their supplier based on QS requirement but they recognized TS if the supplier have one.
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