TS16949 Internal Auditor Training - Is On-line training OK?



Hi all,
I need to do some internal auditor training for my team and I am wondering what would be the best method. In my previous job I developed an IA team and did monthly training which was great. But we always started with some outside training. This is very costly. I found an on-line internal auditor course by Caliso through SAE International and I am interested as it is cost effective and also allows individuals to work at their own pace. I believe on-site training would be best but with a small team of individuals who wear several hats it is hard to get everyone together in a conference room for any length of time.

Does anyone have any experience with on-line IA training?
I've attached the online course description for reference. :read:

Thanks in advance!!!:thanx:


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Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
I've never used that particular provider, so it is hard to comment though it is not hard to make a judgment that such materials are good to supplement, not replace in-person training because auditing is such an interpersonal, yet technical process.
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