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An 8130-3 tag for a PMA part going to a EU country must contain the phrase: "This PMA part is not a critical component" (assuming it really isn't critical"). But what about TSO parts, they can be critical also? But the EU Bilateral Agreement makes no "critical component" requirement. What am I missing.:cool:


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Re: TSO and critical components

TSO parts can be deemed "critical" if they are on the Catagory Parts List provided by the FAA. A quick discusion with your local MIDO can confirm if you have any critical parts. Here is a link to the CPL provided by the FAA. https://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_ce...g_best_practice/media/Category_Parts_List.pdf

However, your question seems to be more focused around an 8130-3 Block 12 statement requirements for TSO. The bilateral agreements between FAA and EASA do not require any criticality statement for TSO. A current copy of all bilaterals can be found on the FAA website. http://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/international/bilateral_agreements/baa_basa_listing/


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Re: TSO and critical components

A belated Thank You for your help with this one, errhine. It is appreciated.
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