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TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead.

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Craig H.

This is sad. He was taking the place of Ron Popile (SP?) of pocket fisherman fame.

But wait, there's more...

I guess not.

Wes Bucey

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I wonder if there will be an autopsy. Eerily similar to Natasha Richardson (

  1. Bump on head
  2. feel fine
  3. reject medical treatment [CAT scan]
  4. die 2 days later from brain swelling
You'd think even a minor celebrity would have Natasha's story in mind every time he/she gets a good bump on the head. I'm not even a celebrity, but I am pretty sure if I get my bell rung, I'm going to demand a CAT scan.

Randy Stewart

I just watched some of the show Pitchmen yesterday. He has a beautiful little girl now. What a shock!


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Well... professionally... I have listened to one of his commercials... for about 4 seconds. After that, his face was a Pavlovian response to push the mute button.:D

However, he was a man doing a job (obviously good at it). By the accounts and stuff, he sounds like a decent, up-right guy.

I'm usually not one glued to such details, but there will be some interesting TV news over his and Michael's autopsies.
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