Type of audits


ml retcher

I currently audit by element. This is very difficult for the internal auditors.
I would like to change my audits to a combination type of audits. Does anyone out there have some examples of combination audits that I can start with? I have seen some but unfortunately they were not to be copied. They were set up like a spreadsheet and which covered more than one element with the information requested.
We are a metal stamper.


A very common - and I believe very effective - way to audit internally is to get a copy of your flow chart, control plan, and FMEA in hand and follow it through the process. I mix up the auditing this way. Sometimes I audit elements from L1, L2, etc., procedures. But when I want to audit the production, process, etc., I use the control plan as the primary tool and follow it through the process start to finish.

I recommend you give this a try.
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