Typical Document / Record Transaction and Archive Volumes



Please let me know if it is not appropriate to ask this sort of research question in this forum.
We are trying to find information about typical document/record transaction and archive volumes in different sizes and types of organizations. We have access to some super new internet friendly software that we believe could be very beneficial to companies looking to manage ISO9000/14000 documents online.
Can anybody make comment, or point us in the right direction?

Steven Truchon

I can see document mgmt at the intranet level, at least for our application at my company. It is how we currently operate. I am having a bit of difficulty though with understanding an internet application.

Im curious on this one.


Jim Triller

It is just as easy to manage documentation via the Internet as it is on an intranet using a web-based approach. For added security include password protection and a "firewall" between the web server and the Internet.

Databases can be integrated into the site using ASP (active server pages) technology (supported by an NT server) connecting ODBC compliant databases such as Access, SQL Server, and Oracle.

I have led a successful ISO 9000 registration using this method with a company that is headquartered in Tacoma, Washington with additional locations in Miami, Toledo, and Bloomington.

Some benefits of this approach include cross platform capability (did not matter what version of software the users had nor the type of computer) and information was shared between all sites. Additionally, we didn't need to purchase any proprietary software.


Steven Truchon

As I slap myself on the forehead (duh!). I was stuck in the mindset that separate locations were separate certifications (in an ISO/QS scenario).
Bad thing is, I knew better. (LOL)
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