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UID for DICOM objects

Dear Forum members,

I have a question related to UID for DICOM objects.

According to the NEMA ( National Electrical Manufacturers Association), the organization that is charged with preserving the standard and non-private DICOM object tags, any DICOM tag that is privately issued should be done by a company that is ISO 8824 and ISO 9843-1 certified. On their website, they also mention that a unique private organization root tag must have a format like "1.3. yyyy"
  • 1 identifies ISO
  • 3 identifies the international organization branch
  • yyyy identifies a specific organization as registered by an International Code Designator registration authority (see ISO 6523).
The most widespread standard compliant with ISO 6523 is the identifier called "Global Location Number" (GLN). We have obtained a GLN for our company but have not yet obtained the UID according to the DICOM standard. Can we use the GLN ( 11 digits ) as a UID specific organization tag ( International Code Designator (ICD) value) in our DICOM objects?
If this is not recommended, we would like to apply for an International Code Designator (ICD) value.

Appreciate, if you can share your knowledge/experience implementing DICOM objects / or process for applying for an International Code Designator (ICD) value.


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