Ultrasonic NDT on CNC Product made of Stainless Steel


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Hello everyone,

I have a small CNC lathe product made of stainless steel. This medical device component is cylindrical in shape and is hollowed out in the center, however, the center contains "teeth" of different depths / lengths. This is critical, as some of the teeth at the entrance of the hollowed out center are longer / not cut as deep as teeth immediately behind. This causes the need for destructive testing to ensure that all of the internal teeth meet specifications.

I was looking into non destructive testing using ultrasonic methods like Time of Flight Diffraction (which is typically used of weld inspection) or some other ultrasonic method. I need to be able measure the depth of the wall / cut of several critical positions. In addition, I have not found an inside diameter micrometer that is small enough for the product (not to say one isn't out there).

Does anyone have any ideas / feedback / suggestions / alternatives for NDT in this scenario?

Thank you for your help!!!!!!!


It sounds like you have a difficult problem. You didn't post dimensions, but you imply everything is small and tight. We use an ultrasonic thickness gauge to measure wall thicknesses of cast aluminum enclosures (see https://www.ge-mcs.com/en/103-siweb-it008/siweb-pf070/55-siweb-pl238.html). But this likely won't work in your application since the measuring transducer is about 3/8" diameter which probably won't measure the details you are looking for. I don't know what kind of lateral field gets resolved by these devices. Ultrasonic may be the way to go, but be prepared to pay for it. You could try GE with more sophisticated (and more pricey) devices with separate sensors and controllers. Also try Olympus (they make ultrasonic sensors).

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