Unavailability (GONE), Doing Business (Making Bucks), etc......


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I figured we needed a way to let folks know that we may be out of touch so I started this new thread.....

Don't expect to see much of me this week..13-17May. I'll be in class learning to do the 9K2K Auditing thing. My last trip I crushed my laptop and it is still in repair, so I won't be keeping up.

Have a good week guys.:bigwave:


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I'm back:eek:

I guess I'm a 9K auditor now:eek: :eek:

I won't be back long....Mon & Tues I'm gone again

Please keep a candle in the window


Fully vaccinated are you?
Had the candle there... Now... Where the heck is the postcard???

Rick Goodson


So what did you learn new about auditing? Anything earth shattering?



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The QMS-LA course I took was a good refresher for me, and I filled a gap in my background. I get to do the 9K2K transition in a couple of weeks, so I'll be getting a little smarter in the QMS field (not as much as you Whizzes though)

I used QASNA in Huntington Beach, great facilities & nice folks.
My turn...

I'll be offline (on vacation) 8/6 - 23/6... :cool:

Right now I'm looking forward to some R&R. Getting that 14001 badge was hard work and both my family and myself need a break, so now it's off to sun and beaches for a while.



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Have a great time Claes....

I'm on the road today to Anaheim....back late tonight or tomorrow
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