Uncertainty Budget Examples for Caliper, Micrometer and Dial Gauge


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I've been looking for trainings and examples of uncertainty budget for dimensional equipments like caliper, mike and dial gauge.

Can anyone point me to the right direction or give me an example link if possible...

Thanks a lot!


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Attached is a document that is a tutorial regarding measurement uncertainty for dimensional measurements. It works out examples for a micrometer and caliper.

As for dial indicators, they get more complicated due to determining dial resolution, cosine errors, etc. To do a good budget goes a bit beyond the beginner level.


  • G103 - A2LA Guide for Estimation of Uncertainty of Dimensional Calibration and Testing Results.pdf
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And now that my memory has rebooted, here are some good entry level measurement uncertainty guides. The first is a nice simple overview from NPL:


This is a training site for NRC in Canada. If this course is ever offered in your area take it!

An introduction to expressing uncertainty in measurement - National Research Council Canada

This one gets in a bit deeper, but it had a good assortment of examples worked out:

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