Uncertainty Budget - Externally produced sensor module

I'm trying to compile an uncertainty budget for the calibration of our product that uses an externally produced sensor module and need to know if the manufacturer's specifications (i.e. temperature sensitivity, non-linearity, etc.) for errors can be used in the uncertainty budget or if we need to carry out our own tests and calculate these errors with our own traceable equipment.
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There are two types of uncertainty contributors you will use in your budgets. Type A contributors are the ones where you perform a statistical analysis of data you have collected. Examples of Type A contributors would be repeatability, reproducability, etc. Type B contributors are ones that you have not derived, but have found from another source. This would include manufacturer's specifications, data from handbooks, results from previous tests, etc. You do not need to confirm the manufacturer's specifications yourself, you can use them.

Be sure that you determine if they are reporting a tolerance or an uncertainty. If it is an uncertainty you will need to determine if they are reporting an expanded uncertainty (such as k=2) and divide by the k factor to get the uncertainty. Otherwise just use the uncertainty. It they report a tolerance you will need to normalize it to use in your calculations. Typically you would apply a rectangular distribution, dividing the tolerance by √3.
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