Uncertainty Training (on site) - Any resources out there?


Dan Larsen

I'm working with a client (small calibration house) near Milwaukee. They have a fairly good handle on uncertainty, but are interested in some on-site training, maybe a day or so. Any resources out there? E-mail me if so.

Jerry Eldred

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There is a company in Minnesota called Workplace Training that has a series of CD-ROM disks for training in a variety of metrology related disciplines. I won't recommend or dis-recommend them, only pass on the information.

The other place that seems to have a good handle on training resources is NCSL (www.ncsl-hq.org) . They have an annual book with training resources among the informative literature they make available.


Jeremy S

You could also try MATC or some of the other schools around Milwaukee. I know at least one or two have some quality classes as my co-worker is taking some


Quametec Corporation provides training and consultation in metrology. There web address is quametec.com. You can also call James Jenkins, President of the company at 810-775-5495
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