Understanding - A calibration laboratory shall verify its capabilities


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Hello all,
I'm trying to decipher a sentence in : "The laboratory shall verify its capability to perform to the standard specifications before carrying out such work." What does the word "standard" refer to? I THINK it means that we are able to perform an activity within the standard's requirements (ASTM, etc)for whatever tests we perform. What if we've had to create our own methods and there's no industry standard available?
To give a little background... our division is already QS registered, a sister division is seeking QS, and based on the work we do for them we would fall under 4.10.6, so I'm evaluating the "gaps" to get ready for their QS audit.
Thanks for any comments! :)


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As I understand it, it means that the lab has to prove it can do the calibrations / tests per the appropriate 'standard' - see the first sentence in

Calculated uncertainty and possibly SPC come to mind.
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