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Understanding Cycle Time - Why the time of the other activities are left out

Thanks for the links. I was not referring to that incident, rather generalizing about something I've observed in my own experience. I did not anticipate monopolizing the original poster's thread, so perhaps I'll take this to another after clarifying where I'm starting from.

We track shipment on time delivery. We have differing expectations for first time builds and repeat builds. When a build gets shipped late it is attributed to one or more of the following:

Customer (changed their requirements after commitment to schedule)
Sales (actually design by definition, largely COTS component and configuration choices)
Engineering (again design, but more proprietary, some COTS and again configuration)
Supplier (did they meet their delivery commitment to us)
Labor (did we have more product scheduled than people available to build it)

This is all very young, I have trustable data for only a year. The biggest bucket is labor, which leads me to believe that it's not fully understood and there's more going on there.

Again, thanks for the links and I'll be doing homework.

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