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Dear all,

I would need you help of the situation I am facing.
Our organisation has 2 sites. One (let's call it 'site A') is already ISO 9001 certified. The second one (site B) is going to be certified and we asked to have a unique certification with these 2 sites.

For site A, we have a quality manual, process description with process owners, etc.

We are building a Corporate quality manual that will include everything for the 2 sites but corporate organisation is not clear: some responsibilities are at Corp level, others by site A for the both sites, etc. Processes are the same (ERP, software used, etc.)

Let's take some examples:
1- Production process.
Process owner of site A is the site manager and process owner for site B is the operational manager.
We don't have a process owner for production process as a whole. Process itself is the same (same ERP, procedures, etc.)
Can i have 2 different process owners for production process? one per site? Do i need to have 2 process descriptions (knowing the only difference if the owner name)

2_ engineering process is handled by site A for both sites. In site B, they 'only' apply what is decided by site A.

3_ Sales process is handled at Corporate level for both sites. 1 owner.

Will the actual organisation be a problem for the external auditor?

I read the documentation related to multi site certification (IAF Mandatory Document for the Audit and Certification of a Management System Operated by a Multi-Site Organization) but i couldn't find all answers to my questions.

Thank you in advance for you help ( i hope it was clear :)

John C. Abnet

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Will the actual organisation be a problem for the external auditor?

Good day @MDRepair Canada ;
The short answer is, ...all you described is fine. Simply (for your organization's benefit more so than for the auditor), define what you have described in regards to the structure of the QMS and your organization's "process owners".
NOTE: While I affirm the use of and defining of "process owners", simply be aware that the term "process owners" does not existing within ISO 9001. It is, however, a nice way to define the required responsibilities).

Be selfish and do what is best for your ORGANIZATION and not the "auditor". ISO 9001 does not prescribe much beyond a required framework. Much is left to the organization to determine.

Hope this helps.
Be well.

John Broomfield

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It is quite common for two organizations to share one or more processes from each other or their HQ. As John said, don’t be shy and confidently show the processes that are essential to your success.

Understanding how your organization works as a system to determine and satisfy requirements is most important. Only your internal auditors need to know ISO 9001 too.

Any doubts about effectiveness and you (or your colleagues) may cause your auditor to lose confidence in your system.
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You would be wise to also talk with your certification body, preferable after doing what you can to learn ahead from here, other certified companies, or consultants.


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It looks like you are undergoing a good review. Follow your path and I reiterate what has been said before- do it for your benefit. There is nothing wrong by having process co-ownership. As long as it is effective for you. From what you are saying looks like site B will be strictly a manufacturing site with most support coming from site A. If there is anything unique to the new site then I will ask myself if it is its own unique process or an extension of site A.
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