United Technologies Aerospace OEM Mandating AS9100 Certification by June 30, 2004



Listed on the OASIS Database:

AS9100 Companies:

1500 USA companies

Approx 2500 Worlwide
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Marc said:
Can anyone tell me how many actual aerospace companies there are? I can see Boeing and Airbus and can think of a couple others.

And... How far down the supply chain is AS9100 being pushed?
Marc, hard to tell. According to some discussions that I participated in the AAQG, some estimate that we will have between 6 to 10 thousand entries in the OASIS database by 2010. But some of the organizations listed in OASIS are huge, multi-site operations and some others are the proverbial mom-&-pop shop.

Please note that this would include not only AS9100, but also 9110 and 9120 suppliers. In the US alone, looking at the potential market for AS9110 (Repair & Overhaul), I heard figures of over 5000 FAA certified repair stations, which could be interested or mandated to go that route.
For the time being, the airlines have not yet jumped on this bandwagon, but who knows? As the vast majority is hurting for cash I see some serious potential connections between AS9110 and some outsourcing to be done by the airlines....
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How do I get involved with the training for the AS program? I am in charge of maintaining the system rather than the audit side of it but my company has given me nothing except a class with DNV for AS 9100:2001 Interpretation. I am looking for some further education on this system. Thanks
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