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Laura M

OK - I've browsed the 'official' site - but came back to the COVE for the real information. Can anyone out there tell me the "best of Universal Studios" We're doing the Disney thing soon, and I know Disney - but I understand Universal is better than MGM? We've done MGM and are interested in Universal Studios. Are there 2 parks? Can it be done in one day? My kids have heard that "jurassic park" is a must. Any advice that can help me plan our trip? (I've also been told that 'its a small world afterall' will NOT be on the itinerary....I may have to sneak off on my own...)

As always - the COVE will give me the best advice. And for the regulars, I apologize for my lack of attendance. Things have picked up lately....kind of crazy....I'm going through an upgrade the day we get back and am working on a TS - as yet unreleased - client. Several balls up in the air...


Two Parks; Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, 20+ miles from Disney. One day per park this time of year due to long lines. Islands of Adventure is where jurassic park is and yes, it is a must.

Best time of year to do these parks is in Sept. after labor day. NO lines whatsoever.

Go to a good bookstore and buy the Book Walt Disney World with Kids 2002. It covers Universal, Disney & Sea World. It's worth it's weight in gold.....
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