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Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments so far. Of course top management engagement is an important aspect, but what other aspects are at play which may be influencing this?

I think that to start research on the premise top management engagement alone as the only factor would miss other potential opportunities.

The purpose is not only to look at what is going wrong, but look at what is going well, and contrast this for insights.

Thanks again for the comments so far, very valuable and informative.

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Sidney Vianna

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In addition to entice additional responses, I also encourage you to search the Cove for insight. There is a wealth of information accumulated in this space. And, if you are patient and tenacious, I believe, you would find a tremendous amount of useful information for your research.

For example, check this old thread: How to get support from upper management?

The problem about relying on survey respondent's only is the fact that many times, not only they are biased and too close to the trees, they deliberately mis-answer questions. For example, when ISO sends a survey asking for people working for an ISO 9001 certified organization about the benefits of ISO 9001, what, do you think, many people do? They lie, because, in great part, their job is to attain and maintain certification to ISO 9001. If a worldwide survey showed that most users don't see benefits in implementing ISO 9001, their jobs would be at risk.

So, be aware that responses you might get for your survey could be skewed, for the wrong reasons....

Good luck.


Hi Sidney,

Thank you for the very useful comments. Certainly very valuable insights which I will definitley consider when writing up the findings to help set the context and explain potential biases (and also the comments of others are useful in identifying limitations).

I will defintley be making use of the link you posted, it is an absolute gem. Thank you very much.

Once again, thanks to all for comments and participation so far.

The survey is still open for anyone else who would like to contibute their perspective.


Hi everyone, still holding out for a few more responses, so if anyone else would like to complete the survey, please do! Thanks to all so far!


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Hi everyone, still holding out for a few more responses, so if anyone else would like to complete the survey, please do! Thanks to all so far!

Hmmm... So your research is not on Management review but what do others think on a survey on management review.

Interesting - way to gather information on an interesting topic for your research.


Hi everyone,

I wanted to post again to say a big thank you to everyone who has clicked the link and answered the survey questions and shared their thoughts in the discussion, it has all been appreciated.

The survey is still set to accept responses for the next 48 hours, so if anyone else wants to take part, this is the last chance.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks again,

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