Unusual ('Weird') Standards -'Bouncers' get their own standard


Andy Bassett

Just when you thought you'd seen and heard it all, it seems like the UK have come out with a standard for nightclub bouncers.

You dont believe me?

Read this!
http://www.bsi.org.uk - Link was: /bsi/corporate/news/press/standards/highp/bouncers.xhtml

Jim Evans

Wouldn't you just love to see the professional exam they have to take? I have to admit I have never had any "up close and personal" dealings with any bar-bouncer, and I don't frequent the club scene now. However from the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals I remember from my college days (30 years ago)putting their shoes on the correct foot would be about all they could handle.



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Thanks for the endorsement.

I used to do that line of work part-time when I was a cop in Arkansas. I carried a 4.0 in college, belong to MENSA and am working on my Doctorate in Business.

Putting on shoes was the easy part. Knowing when to run was different (that partially explains my pretty face).


Top class discussion made me laugh a lot. I haven't checked the seriousness in the link but customer service concept is no doubt there. I'm just laughing to myself about agreeing the best way to eject someone..politely!!

:) skyc


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Unusual (Weird) Standards

As I was wandering around through the maze of threads here I came across this one. The link was broken so I did a Google Search. I found Bouncers need national standards
Bouncers need national standards, forum told

By Katherine Danks
April 16, 2004

A bouncer who watched a young woman being beaten by her boyfriend outside a pub he was guarding refused to intervene, telling horrified onlookers "she probably deserved it".

The case was highlighted yesterday as community groups, police and industry representatives gathered at a forum on bouncer behaviour. They called for a national standard to ensure safe practices in the industry.

The Youth Action and Policy Association said the case was one of many reports it had received about discrimination or violence from security staff.

"There is the perception that security don't treat them (young people) with respect or hear their side of the story," Kristy Delany, the association's chief executive, told the forum.

The forum, hosted by Standards Australia, came three months after former Australian Test cricketer David Hookes died in hospital from head injuries after he was allegedly bashed in a scuffle with a security guard outside a Melbourne hotel.

The Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union called for stronger industry regulation in its submission.

The union's assistant national secretary, Jo-anne Schofield, said employers increasingly looked to security staff to deal with problems as they happened, rather than enforce preventive measures, such as responsible service of alcohol.

"We don't want an industry standard where the workers are scapegoated and blamed for poor industry outcomes over which they had no control," Ms Schofield told the forum.

She said individual workers often were blamed for an industry with low-entry requirements based on minimal training and minimal regulation. A solid industry standard would include employer responsibility, responsible service of alcohol, enforcement, adequate staffing and training, she said.

The Australian Hoteliers Association called for a national approach to licensing, with industry training to focus more on verbal skills and customer service.
Have any of you seen any other 'weird' standards or calls for a standard?
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