Update or Replace Nurse Call system?



What exactly is workflow optimization feature of new/advanced nurse call systems? How does it improve performance over their predecessors? I would like to be clarified whether I need to replace or update my existing nurse call system which has been around for past 2 years.

Some articles go on to say that nurse call systems need updation for better performance. Is it costly to get it updated?

Some suggestions on the best in the business these days. Thanks in advance. I guess updating won't cost me much. Though the new ones also are said to have a nurse call bell, their new design and intent are far more complex and feature rich I guess. :bigwave:


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What measureable are you using to determine the effectiveness of your current nurse call system?

If your system is less than 2 years old it seems a rather short life span.


1. Is there a standard or requirement a nurse call system has to meet, such a response time? If so, what is/are they?
2. What is your current response time? What is the response time of the system you are considering replacing your old system with?
3. What is your current nurse call system "work flow"?

I'll only ask these 3 questions for now. I am not familiar with "nurse call" systems and haven't worked in a hospital in many years. I doubt many visitors here are as we have few visitors who work in hospitals. However, the more specific information you give, the better someone may respond.
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Further to Marc's questions regarding the measurements and requirements, what is the reasoning behind the replacement?

Are patients complaining? Is the existing system adversely impacting the overall patient experience? If yes...how?

I have worked in hospitals where the call system was set at the same loud volume 24 hours a day, disrupting patients' ability to sleep (and recover). I have also seen nurses ignore the call (e.g., "It's Mrs. XXX...again. She just wants company.") or it becomes 'white noise' to them.

Nurses and all hospital staff for that matter can have a thankless job at times, but I admit to being irked when they've disregarded a call.

Before getting into the specifics and details of the call system, consider the WHY first.


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I would strongly recommend you go and talk to a lot of the nurses. Find out how they use it and what works well and doesn't work well for them. I'm in the machining & fabrication business but my girlfriend is a BSN Nurse with decades of experience and it is really interesting listening to her talk about the challenges they face with various aspects of their system.

It may be one of the most important industries where the system really does need to be practical not just implemented from theory. I make sure parts don't fail, she saves lives.
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