"Update" the PPAP Package after Mass Production Commences


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Dear all,
To my understanding, the PPAP submission package is a records of evidences of the process validation of a production part before start of mass production.

But how should I interpret the "update of PPAP package" when doc inside (eg. FMEA, PCP) the package got revised after mass production commenced ? Does the doc change control system, eg. DCC doc control system, fulfill the purpose of the requirements ?

b.rgds - dennis.

Ron Rompen

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If I understand your question, you are asking if the PPAP package should be updated when a document which was included in it is modified.
The answer (to the best of my knowledge) is a resounding NO. As you correctly pointed out, the PPAP package reflects the conditions and processes which were in place at the beginning of the program. Any changes to your procedures or documentation should be captured by your DCS. Keep in mind that any changes to the PROCESS need to be communicated to your customer - they can then determine if a new PPAP submission (showing the revised process) is required.



PPAP UPDATE is when your mass production has been running for a year and is to revalidate the quality of the process/product and it is as well when you receive an engineering change and most of the files in the PPAP have to be updated.
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