Updating Flow Diagrams - Internal Critical Characteristic Identified



I am looking for something stated in QS pertaining to updating flow diagrams, and I'm not finding anything as far as:
Do we need to update flow diagrams when we determine an internal critical characteristic on a certain operation. Currently, we have a process where we have deemed a certain operation as critical. We have designated it as critical on the fmea, control plan, work instructions but not on the flow diagram. When I asked the QA Engineer why, she stated she never updates the flow diagram for these types of changes. I searched the PPAP manual, and QS book, but found nothing. Any help?

Brian Dowsett

My 0.5 Euros worth is that process flow diagrams must by definition show every step of the process. It's by cross referencing from the control plan to a numbered step that we identify that step as critical. I've never seen anything in QS to suggest that process flow diagrams themselves need to show which steps are critical. Even the process flow checklist in APQP manual appendix does not mention highlighting critical steps.




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If you use GM's format, each characteristic in the flow diagram is on the control plan so if you ad a characteristic to the CP you have to add it to the associated process on the flow diagra. However, different companies use different formats so some flow diagrams may not have that detail. See the APQP pdf file in the pdf_files directory.

Jim Wynne

How do you access the APQP pdf file? I can't seem to locate the link?

You're responding to a seven-year-old post, so I can't be sure what Marc was referring to, but go up to the top of the of the page and click on More Free Files, and then APQP Information in the second column. That's probably it. You can also search post attachments by clicking on Post Attachments List at the top of the page.
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