Updating "opportunities" resulting from Corrective Actions


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Referencing ISO 9001:2015 10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action, what would be examples of or the types of "opportunities" needing to be updated? I get updating the "risk" aspect.



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Just some really wide examples:
Does implementing a particular corrective action...
1) ..open a new market for your company?
2) ..make it possible to optimize a process?
3) ...lower costs?

Think SWOT analysis. If you are not familiar with SWOT, see if a business-type person at your company is or there is also a ton of information on the web.

With 'risk' being the buzzword recently and the negative flavor it sometimes has, opportunity and the positive side tends to get pushed aside.

Marie Cavanaugh

Opportunities are areas where Trends are monitored, and if you see that a certain product is consistently having an issue, a piece of machinery causes an anomaly, any opportunity for improvement is reason to start a CAR (I changed mine from CAPA to CAR for the AS9100 rollover)
I have done a SWOT analysis, and used that for my rollover, especially where risk and improvements section 9 and 10 of the AS9100
Hope that helps
Marie Cavanaugh
Quality Systems Manager.
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