Upgrading to ISO 9001:2000 - Changing Documentation


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Start anywhere you like. If you want to pattern after the CD2 draft, go ahead. I worked with a company that registered in June - we had tailored their systems manual after the CD2 draft. There's a draft systems manual posted on the site if you look.

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QM: 1994 or 2000?

New to the ISO universe (and the board), hi. We are beginning the process of updating our quality system, looking to register to ISO9002:1994 (ISO9001:2000), but not until mid/late next year. We have an older, seldom referenced manual, that i am using as a starting point. Should we pattern our documentation after the current standard (only to change later), follow a CD2 draft, or should we just START anywhere?


I am the "ISO 9000 Implementation & Plans Manager" at a large govt. production facility (4,000 employee, $800M per year facility). With our timeline phasing of our different business units, we have chosen to format our "Business System Management/Quality Management System (BMS/QMS) manual to ISO 9000:2000. It also better describes a business-based process. Since several of our production units will be ready for ISO 9000:1994 registration before the release of ISO 9001:2000 version, we will include a cross reference table showing the relationship of the 1994 standard to the 2000 standard (included in CD2). When the 9001:2000 version is released, we will have the certificate for these business units "flipped" over to the new standard. We figured that minimizing confusion and retraining in the workforce was as important as the ISO 9000 process. Most of our level 2 and 4 documents are in place (the govt. at least documents things whether right or wrong but it does baseline things for continuos improvement). We are also strengthening our level 3 procedures.

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Has anyone addressed new requirements yet? As a small manufacturer, we aren't sure what a procedure for legal requirements, information, or defining our infrastructure, would mean for us.

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Ed - if I were you, I'd wait for the Draft International Standard (DIS) to come out. This is especially true for the legal requirement which I understand has been changed to some degree. Being a small business, you want to make sure that you only cover what you have to. I don't think much, if anything, will change for the bulk of the 2000 version from CD2 to DIS and you are probably safe implementing CD2. However, not being sure what will change, I would wait. We're only talking a few more weeks anyway before the DIS comes out.
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