Urgently wanted: Diagnostic specification for Corvette?s C6 CAN-Bus system!


Korni - 2005

Urgently wanted: Diagnostic specification for Corvette´s C6 CAN-Bus system!

Emergency calling!!!

Hello friends,

my company, CTS Car Top Systems N.A., builds the soft- and hard tops for many premium cars as Porsche, Mercedes, Saab, Ferrari, Evoq and - last but not least - the comming soon Corvette C6.
I have to write the spec´s for the assy racks in our Bowling Green plant. For this I´m urgently searching for the diagnostic specification of the J-1850-CAN-bus system of this car. It´s a class 2 k-line system.
Who can help?
Perhaps the girls and boys from GM?

:bigwave: Thanks so much



Fully vaccinated are you?
Unfortunately, this forum was requested a couple of years ago but it never really got much 'business'. I'd like to see it used, but it's pretty specific.

I worked with American Sunroof some years back but all I had access to was Chrysler and Mitsubishi standards.

Sorry I can't help.

Korni - 2005

Hi Randy,

unfortunately I don´t have any contact person at GM and I hoped to find them here...

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