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US Citizen Traveling to Mumbai for Business


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I'm traveling to Mumbai for a short audit. I request some help from Covers that have made the trip. Health protection, city travel in Mumbai, negotiating the lines at the airport, converters/adapters for personal electrics, using credit cards and converting cash, tipping, business permits, visas and all that. Thanks in advance.
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Ajit Basrur

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Some tips:

1. Do not eat salads and raw foods, always cooked food
2. Always drink bottled water
3. Taxis at airport should be easy to get - always go for airconditioned taxis.
4. The standard voltage is 230 V and frequency is 50 Hz. It would be better if you have an universal adaptor. Most hotels would give you the adaptor in case you forget.
5. Restrict the use of credit cards to hotels and big establishments ... its not that it is unsafe but be cautious.
6. Donot tip like we do in US ... few rupees like Rs. 50 is okay
7. You donot require additional permits or visa once you have cleared immigration in Mumbai
8. Always be watchful of your wallet - avoid crowded places.
9. People will appreciate if you do them "Namaste" :)

Travel with a open mind and be open for orderly chaos. People are extremely nice and helpful.

Please let me know if you need additional information. Enjoy your trip


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If you didn't already know, most international terminals have shops for electronic travel toys...they should have 3-4 different types of power adapters.
I've always opted for the single unit ones...mine is 1.5" dia x 2" long and can work pretty much anywhere...twist it and different prongs lift and lower to fit whatever need. Worked for me in EU, Israel, China, Australia...haven't found anywhere it doesn't...cost me about $15 USD.
I had a choice of 6 designs to choose from in PHL.

You'll be there early anyway...just stop in a shop before departure. HTH
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