US Laboratory which can do Bosch test F 02N P00 089 Contamination Spec

Danny Hoover

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I am looking for a lab in the US that can perform this Bosch test:
F 02N P00 089
It is checking for particle/metal contamination in plastic parts.
I am having trouble finding a lab that can do this, or offer an alternative method I could request a deviation to submit.
Has anyone been required to submit to this spec??

Erwin Q

I also am searching for the very same response. Anyone we find to perform this test bin the USA states the washing agent called out (medium petrolgasoline, Rivolta MTX100) is very expensive and primarily used in Germany. We would be best to sent the product for testing to Germany.


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A lab in Michigan I have used for cleanliness testing is Midbrook, I don't know what their capabilities are for this specific test, however. It sounds like it has very limited applicability for general industry.

Erwin Q

Thank you for the information on the potential lab. In addition, we are investigating with our customer too for support on this. :popcorn:
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