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Usability procedure - looking for a template


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Do you mean like a SOP-level procedure ("here's how we implement 62366) or a procedure for usability assessment (formative / summative)?

If the former, the standard is probably the best guide and you need to tailor to your specific business. If the latter, it would be virtually impossible since procedures for a wearable pulse monitor would be vastly different from those related to a robotic surgery device.


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Hi yodon,

I am looking for the standard operating procedure for usability, just a general idea of how we implement IEC 62366. I will refer the old edition of the standard, I have so far reviewed the new one.

Thanks a lot,


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Refer to IEC TR 62366-2:2016 that provides a guidance to implement usability engineering process - in line with the design and development; and risk management processes.
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