Use an iso 9001/2015 form for api q1 systeme


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hi every one, i want to know if using iso 9001/2015 management revue form is admited in API Q1, knowing that there is a difference in the section management revue between API and iso 9001


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yes i need to know if using record of management review who complains to iso 9001/2015 can be used in api q1


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Note that API Q1 does not require you to use a form (although it does require you to maintain a record).

If you use your ISO 9001 form, then either modify the form to ensure all API Q1-required inputs, outputs, and approvals are addressed, or add a supplementary document/record to address the API Q1 requirements.

lanley liao

Lingli Liao
The differences in management review between API Spec Q1 9th 和ISO 9001:2015 were as follows:
1. The elements other than"Adequacy of resource" and"effectiveness of actions to address opportunity" were the same;
2. You would need to satisfy the requirements stated above if you have registered API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001:2015.
3. Otherwise, you need only satisfy all requirements of API Spec Q1.
4. You can incorporate these requirements according to your actual situation and condition.
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